Attention! -read- Converse All stars Human edition

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Ed Gein inspired authentic converse all stars! 

-Artist: Kayla Arena


MADE TO ORDER PHOTO IS SAMPLE CAN BE MADE IN ALL SIZES AND STYLES (and is a size 8 currently available for immediate dispatch) 


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For all customers;  there has been some news articles shared around recently which has caused an influx of emails and orders. Customers orders are being completed based on the date the place the order (As I am currently away on holiday untill mid February and will have shoes to you by at the end of March) thank you for tour understanding as I am a one woman show !


These drop dead gorgeous shoes are created using latex skins and faces, hand sewn together with love and spooky thoughts. The latex is then painted and sealed with silicone to ensure longer life of latex and is very easy to wipe clean. Shoes are new and have only been worn for the purpose of these images.MESSAGE ME FOR YOUR OWN PAIR IN YOUR SIZE!  :)

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