Alien Elite by Toby Barron #1 (Armor coming soon!)

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This amazing monster was sculpted and painted by the extremely talented Toby Barron. 

He is the first of 10 elites that we will be creating. Each comes custom made with the color pallete of your choice. They are made from soft silicone with a resin core and make for an amazing table or display peice. They can come with or without base (base extra). Teeth and eyes are made from casting resin and hand painted. 

There is an option to have your elite adorned with removable armour for an extra cost. These can be painted in the colours of your choice! 

We ship worldwide with tracking and signed certificates of authenticity. Please email for any questions you may have: 


Height: 19 inches 

W: 18 inches (shoulder to shoulder) 

L: 24 inches ( nose to back) 



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